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Income/Expense Summary

Please provide an Annual Financial Statement relating to the entire operations of the real property for your fiscal year end to

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Parking Details
Parking Details No. of Residential/ Tenant Stalls Monthly amount Per Stall No. of Commercial Tenant Stalls Monthly amount Per Stall No. of Public Stalls Monthly amount Per Stall No. of Tandem Stalls* Monthly amount Per Stall Included in Rent?
Parkade – Not Heated
Parkade - Heated
* Tandem stall refers to parking that can be occupied by two vehicles at the same time.

Do the units include the following?

Potential Gross Income

Miscellaneous Income

Vacancy and Collection Loss

Operating Expenses - Fixed

Operating Expenses - Variable



Repairs and Maintenance
(*Do not include Capital Expenditure)

(*Do not include Capital Expenditure)

Ground & Parking Area Maintenance



*Capital Expenditures are those expenses that do not occur annually, involving replacement of worn or obsolete components where replacement is of significant duration and cost, i.e. Boilers, Windows, Doors, Roof etc.